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Welcome to BEING 5-5-5…

     Life is a journey through circumstances and events to which you respond and through which your persona develops and evolves. Ultimately, your behaviour in each and every situation is a statement of “Who you are,” or “Who you want to be”. This Course is premised on the idea that life does not happen to you but rather, you happen to life.

     There are often circumstances in our lives which prove to be difficult whether it be a health, relationship, work related or personal issue. Many coping strategies exist to provide relief or escape from the discomfort of these situations. BEING 5-5-5 was created to share information and ideas about the meaning of life. Your understanding of why a situation exists will empower you to move forward and to create a peaceful and fulfilling life.

information      Have you ever wondered about the meaning of Life? Do you question why certain things happen? Come on an incredible journey to explore the meaning of Life, to experience insights into Life’s disappointments and joys, its successes and failures. View events and people in your Life from new perspectives. You will be entertained and inspired to view new horizons; the journey never ends.

introspection      On a personal level, perhaps the most important questions you may ever ask are, “Who am I? or, “Why do I act or feel differently from others? or, “Why aren’t I happy or successful or healthy or peaceful?” These esoteric questions are viewed and discussed from traditional and non-traditional perspectives accompanied by visual and musical enhancements. The teachings introduce a thoughtful approach to the integration of the materials by hypothesizing Paradigms of Being. Is it really possible to shift our consciousness and experience a different kind of Beingness ? Yes!

inspiration     This is a Course about our humanity – those characteristics that belong uniquely to Human Beings such as kindness, mercy and sympathy. It is about how we relate to and express ourselves in our rapidly changing world. The “Global Village” is here! Is it possible to make sense out of current world events? How can we contribute to hope, to peace and to compassion in our world? You will love this Section!

quaecumque vera

(whatever is true)